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Mar 6, 2018
I start a thread about military book/movie scenario ideas.

I am an avid reader (not so much watcher) and I found a lot of books/movie lacking of original scenario/ideas (and i didn't watch Hunter Killer :) )

So here my first idea of synopsis/scenario - Hollywood if you read this, it's free but delivered with no CGI, lot of death and space invaders (sorry):

An English biologist working for a big company has his soon killed in Afghanistan. At the funeral , he learnt that is soon was killed trying to stop Taliban drug operation.
He decide to develop a spore/virus/... that will target the poppy fields and cut the Taliban income. After he tried in his lab, he give, to some of his soon friends, vials containing ashes and the spore/virus and ask them to empty them in memory of a fallen comrade.
A fellow colleague of the biologist discover his work and call the authority. Will they be able top stop the revenge plan?

So, if you have an idea and want to share with us (in maximum 3 paragraphs) feel free.
Ok but why would they stop it? There are eradication programs running.
My concept involves aliens, 2 drunk eroes and a stoner, a down on his luck ex truckie on his way to jump off a cliff, decides to do a couple of good deeds which includes picking up the two drunk soldiers and stone hitchhikers. During their trip down a long empty highway they stumble across aliens conducting recon in an field of buffaloes and begin their adventure in saving the World with some shits, giggles, lots of action and a one heartfelt moment only.
More a book/novel idea
Or maybe board game

Planetary system of 10 planets circling around a yellow star, 65 millions years ago
The third plant (actual Earth) of the system bears a reptilian wild life of hungry dinosaurs but also two competing civilisations : the Atlantis kingdom (made of handsome, tall, blonde human looking people) who masters a sun driven and crystal/nano crystal technology
(imagine Antic Greece with gold plate flying saucers as vehicles, self assemblying crystal shields/armors/swords and sun ray handguns)

And the Mu Empire/Theocracy (same, human like strain) who masters a psi/telepathic technology combined with evolution/des-evolution cells/cloning coffins
(Imagine Aztec like environment with psi energy infused boats and vehciles, with dinosaurs equiped with psycannons ridding in battle, small mammals changed in evolution pits into warmongering neanderthal armies controled through a forefront crystal graft and crazy theocrats)

Both are competing for a given crystal that has properties interesting for their technologies

Rest of the set up is fourth planet (Mars) bearing a red skinned bald humanoid race that like wars actually in a protracted conflict with the next planet (the actual asteroid belt) which is an aquatic world harboring a blue skinned aquatic race

There is life somewhere else (deep caves of Enceladus sheltering giant acid spewing worms/slugs; Titan sheltering a fungal hostile life)

And the space area void beyond Pluton being full of an agressive alien swarm cloud full of Lovecraftian spider/crab/lobster/octopus creatures that are here as an hostile Damocles sword

The idea would be to rewrite the history of Earth through the conflict of the two first races (up to the annihilation of life/mass extinction not belonging to an asteroid impact but to the final unleash of WMD ...... and the follow up evolution of leftover experiments emerging from evolution pits to give the mammalian lineage)

Same with the conflict between Mars and let call it Aquarius to explain why Mars is a baren waste and why there is an Asteroid belt where there should have been a planet

In a style with sword fights, laser like fights, space fights, Chtuluesque horrors, planetary effect weapons, mentaly controled war dinosaurs, and a lot of unrealistic dumbassery

Disclaimer : no ice princess nor naked snail hunter though ;)
I've been working off and on of a screenplay. About an up-and-coming Hollywood actor who is a serial killer. It's pretty awesome, honestly. Maybe I'll finish it, one day.
My idea for a movie is basically a kick in the nuts of Political correctness crew.
In an alternate universe, Europeans where black, Africans where white, in the US the white became slaves and black where the slave masters, and so on...

As a low Budget film, you would have Detroit being set in a semi tropical wheather (my home island), the 1970s tech level would be the same as today (in order to film without locations and old cars). Typical Police movie, where you would have white dudes doing all the stereotypes of "black guetto culture", and some blacks being racists and KKK members. Two cops one black one white, with all the stereotypes reversed.
Some flashbacks refering to historical moments, or just some cultural pop references (black Napoleón, German Kaiser WWI, British defeat at Isandalwana, Kunta Kinte being flogged, etc...).
Comedy gold material

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