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Oct 29, 2009
read below
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Good Evening Gents,
A little AFV 7 Artillery quiz for you,

1)What was the FV431 designed for & what happed to it?
2)When did the Centurion tank enter service & what was is main gun?
3)What did the MLRS replace in the Royal Artillery?
4)What was the British name for a M4 sherman fitted with 17Pdr gun?
5)What is rates of fire for a 105mm L5 Pack Howitzer
a) Burst for 1 mins ? rpm
b) Burst for 3 mins ? rpm
c) Sustained ? rpm
6) What was the "green mace"?
7) How many wheels has a gun got? (Artillery any Gun will do)
8) If a track vehicle doing 30 mph & the top of the track is doing 30 mph what speed is the bottom track doing?

Have fun sal;

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Q2 The Centurion was first used in Belgium soon after the war in Europe ended in May 1945

Q6 The ‘Green Mace’ was a heavy anti-aircraft gun.

Q7 Road wheels on a 25 ponder where: 2 to the gun, 2 to the limber and 4 on the quad. (It was my pleasure to drive one of these vehicles around London in 1957.)

Hi Silky

Your score is:
Q2 Yessal; but whats the main Gun?
Q6 Very good!(Y)
Q7 None, A gun does not have any wheels on it,as its a piece of Ordnance, Just the Carriage that has the wheels( Sorry Trick Question)
How are you getting on with Q1, Q3 & Q8 you should ask the Bombardier to help you on Q3 & Q8.

Good Luck Silky sal;

Question Four: The RONSON LIGHTER, as they tended to catch fire when shot at!!!
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Hi Gun Bunny

Not there yetsal; The German Army called them "Tommy Cookers" , The name for the M4 Sherman( it got the name 'Sherman' from the Brits) was called FireFly and it could take out the Tiger & Panther at 17,000 yds unlike the 76mm shell that just hit & when skywards.
Q3 - The M110
Q8 - 0 Mph

Nice one Scooby
Hi Bombardier,sal;
I knew that you would get Q3 & Q8 right I got on more question just for you, are you ready?

"what is in action when the Gun is out of action & out of action when the Gun is in action"?

Something to think about?

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