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Apr 30, 2019
One reoccurring complaint among people who are against taking refugees is that the asylum seekers are often able bodied men and not from Syria.

It seems they were not only able bodied, but large chunk was actually deserters.

Here is my take from the article in which they discuss with authorities from Finnish Immigration Services:

Finnish Immigration Service: large part of the Iraqi asylum seekers were military deserters, "officers and soldiers"

If justification for asylum was just running from battle, the asylum was usually denied.

Military deserters made up large part of profiles of asylum seekers to Finland between 2015-2016 according to FIS.

FIS had reports from Haaparanta, where few thousand people had arrived, that on some weeks 30-40% of arrivals had military background.

Ilta-sanomat reported in 2016 that the ex military members among asylum seekers were seen as a deteriorating factor for safety of police officers in asylum centers.

Draft evaders had also arrived from other countries, but Iraq was the only country where professional soldiers can be seen as significant.

Large number of police officers and other security workers also arrived. According to UNCHR military desertation is not itself a valid reason for asylum. Someone is not a refugee if he deserts because he is afraid to fight.

If they are professional soldiers the point is emphasized - they knew what they had signed up for.

In most such cases the FIS has denied the application. However, if there are other reason to get asylum it can be granted. Such that desertation might lead to death penalty.

When it became clear that desertation would not warrant asylum, number of people reporting to be members of military suddenly dropped to zero.

Note: I didn't make a literal translation or translate who said what, because I am lazy.

EDIT: I remember how in 2015 these people were compared to war children. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Finnish_war_children

While real comparison should have been the so called "pine cone guard". And probably should be treated accordingly.
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Well, at least they didn't join ISIS, which is what a lot of other deserters did
Asylum seekers from Iraq were often just deserters

So were many Syrians and Eritreans, even though no convention of law (either national or international) grants them asylum: It's not political prosecution. However, since desertion is punishable by death in their countries of origin, heavens forbid we sent those pricks back.
At least that is what we've been told.
The fact is, we've not given shelter to American soldiers going AWOL to dodge Iraq either. Despite the fact there's at least a remote possibility that deserters could be executed there.

It’s obvious Europe as a whole (EU or not) got fooled with the mass influx of migrants and asylum seekers. While luckily every of them wasn’t a terrorist or IS sympathizers, life on the old continent is still a lot better than their shitholes countries (Trump).

Thanks @PEMM for reporting.
Some high profile cases of terrorism or femicide at the hands of Syrians, Iraqis and Afghans notwithstanding, I do have to point out though the biggest trouble makers (at least in these parts) are actually North Africans, who're simply a blight on our cities.

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