Funny 25 Reasons Why Mcdonalds Is Better Than The Military.


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Dec 19, 2004

1. Better Uniform.

2. More medals and you get them because you can do your job.

3. Free food, properly cooked without added bland.

4. Promotion on ability rather than incompetence.

5. Employee of the month credit rather than witch hunt of the month.

6. McDonalds is in the middle of town not the middle of nowhere.

7. When children have tantrums you don't end up with extra work.

8. McDonalds don't pretend that they are 'Investing in People'.

9. Superior supply system.

10. There is no requirement to salute Ronald McDonald.

11. Shagging the manageress is not a crime.

12. The arseholes are in the burger, not in charge.

13. Only the customers are called Sir.

14. McDonalds only has one clown.

15. A McFlurry is an ice cream not a panic in the trade managers office.

16. Ronald McDonald dresses in a uniform appropriate to his role.

17. You can switch jobs to Burger King at a moments notice.

18. The Mountsey trophy is a toy in Happy Meals.

19. Ronald McDonald smiles.

20. Gate guard is waiting for the next drive through customer.

21. There are no McDonalds outlets in the Falkland Islands, Iraq or Afghanistan.

22. There is no requirement to fill out the 'Chicken McNugget' database.

23. It doesn't take 16 years to develop a new deep fat fryer.

24. The rubbish goes in the bin not in your in tray.

25. The only acronym you have to remember is BLT.

Where do I sign up!! ;)

Hey, i remember seen something about McDonalds in was for US soldiers?