1. OldGuy

    Warfare Most recent survivor numbers for Vietnam veterans

    The most recent as of 2024 are 610,000 still living and this is for land service. Those out of country air support groups are not in this 610,000 listing. The death rate of Vietnam veterans today is 390 per day. Naval forces have their own numbers too which I believe was 170 plus thousand...
  2. Navynate

    Other Post Looking For Information

    Hello, I'm looking for information pertaining to the 25th Infantry division "Tropic Lightning" in Vietnam. My great uncle served during the war and i'm trying to see if anyone can tell me if they might recognize any of these faces or served with them? The Gentleman in the photo with name "De...
  3. AAR Galileo

    Video Vietnamese trailer of a movie about the war in VN

    The official trailer of short film "The first swallow" in series "The Vietnam air war" Finally, after all difficulties and challenges, we have had plan for our first short movie We would like to give you more details as follows ‎ - This is a non-profit project in order to recreate historic...
  4. AAR Galileo

    Video Jump into Hell - an Hollywood movie about Dien bien Phu

  5. AAR Galileo

    Video A rare movie from 1956 about the French in Vietnam

    A section of French soldiers in a Vietnamese village are helping the population when one day the Vietcong launch an assault. This movie was anti-army but didn't pass the censors and the end had to be redone to make it on theater. This is the first version.
  6. AAR Galileo

    Video Soldiers in Hiding - 1985 documentary about Vietnam Vets

    A grim portrait of Vietnam War Veterans, living out their lonely lives in the American wilderness, unable to cope with the lasting effects of their traumatic war experiences.
  7. Vietnam War, Australian SASR

    Vietnam War, Australian SASR