1. A

    Photos Technik Museum Sinsheim

    Technology museum in south-western part of Germany. Museum itself is dedicated mainly to cars, bikes and planes, but has a really interesting and quite big military related part of exhibition as well, which I'm posting here. When visiting, one just have to beware of inaccurate descriptions of...
  2. Albedo

    Space London Science museum - Cosmonauts Exibition [Lots of photos]

    Here are some photos I took of the Cosmonauts exhibition in London about 3 years ago. It was a pretty rare opportunity to get a look of some of this stuff in the west. Hopefully you guys enjoy it! Warning, there is a ton of photos here, so don't click on this if you are on mobile data and...
  3. AAR Galileo

    Photos The Chinese military museum (air) in Bejing

    Some nice photos of the museum
  4. Vulcan & Bomb load at Raf Hendon Museum

    Vulcan & Bomb load at Raf Hendon Museum