grumman f-14 tomcat

  1. tomthounaojam

    Photos F-14A Jolly Roger 1/72 Restoring one of my very first kit

    Hi Guys, Recently after building Fujimi's F-14 I was left with many spare parts and some decals and stencils. As I look at my self in the extreme corner there is this F-14 full with cobweb after cleaning i found out it was made many years ago when I was new to scale modeling and there were...
  2. tomthounaojam

    Photos 1/72 VFA-84 Jolly Roger, Baby One more time

    Hi Guys, F-14 has to be one of my favorite aircraft, I have built couple of it but I know it wasn't that good so why not give another shot, so Baby One More Time. The kit, I use was the the Fujimi, I have to say it is truly a masterpiece for it has been released sometime ago. I really...
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  10. F-14B Tomcat flies in formation with a pair of MiG-21s

    F-14B Tomcat flies in formation with a pair of MiG-21s

    An F-14B Tomcat assigned to the Jolly Rogers of Fighter Squadron One Zero Three (VF-103) flies in formation with a pair of MiG-21s assigned to the Croat Air Force
  11. F-14D's Tomcats

    F-14D's Tomcats

  12. US Navy F-14D landing

    US Navy F-14D landing

  13. USS Intrepid - New York

    USS Intrepid - New York

    F14 Tomcat
  14. F-14D Tomcat

    F-14D Tomcat

    An F-14D Tomcat, of the the Grim Reapers of Fighter Squadron One Zero One (VF-101)
  15. Best plane ever

    Best plane ever