1. Mike1976

    Politics Dutch general elections Wed. Nov. 22 2023

    Dutch general elections will be held on Wednesday Nov. 22 2023 Polling of 18-11-2023 shows tight margins between the front runners with four parties clearly sticking out, but the PVV seems to have the most momentum: -VVD, liberal party who supplied the PM for the last 13 years -PVV, Geert...
  2. muck

    Politics German Politics & News

    Two months from now, 60.4 million Germans will be called to the ballot box to determine the successor of Angela Merkel as Chancellor of Germany. The elections fall into a time of great polarisation. The campaigns are rife with personal scandals (e.g. plagiarism by Greens leader Annalena...
  3. Mokordo

    Politics Spanish General Election

    As I did in the other Forum, I will continue posting here about the April 2018 next General Election in Spain. Last CIS survey, gives victory to PSOE (Socialist Party): https://elpais.com/elpais/2019/04/09/inenglish/1554810504_899111.html All the surveys in one graphic (In Spanish)...