1. Type VII C U boat

    Type VII C U boat

    Samples of paintings and some coloured pencil drawings I've done over the years.-More to follow.
  2. New M.O.D. Police Launch

    New M.O.D. Police Launch

    New class of MOD Police boat seen on the Clyde last weekend. No name at present, she goes under the title 70001. This 15-metres long vessel is the first of a new generation of boats built for the MoD Police to provide patrol and escort duties for the three major UK naval bases.
  3. Vaarlahti


    Finnish Defence Forces - Navy - Vaarlahti - Valas class transport boat.
  4. Turku


    Finnish Defence Forces - Navy - Helsinki class missile boat Turku
  5. Royal Navy Patrol Boat

    Royal Navy Patrol Boat

    Still from my camcorder of some of the displays at the Faslane Fair on Sat. 4 June at Helensburgh. It's an annual event hosted by the Royal Navy, to raise funds for service charities. Pity it was such a grey day, with occasional heavy bursts of rain, but I think most people enjoyed it. This was...
  6. HMNZS Taupo

    HMNZS Taupo

    New Zealand Navy - patrol boat HMNZS TAUPO 1974-1990.
  7. Shamshir


    Iranian Navy - missile boat Shamshir.
  8. Habicht


    German Navy - fast patrol boat Habicht.
  9. Albatros class

    Albatros class

    German Navy - Albatros class patrol boat.
  10. Patrol boat

    Patrol boat

    Finnish Navy patrol boat in WWII.
  11. Flyvefisken class

    Flyvefisken class

    Danish Navy - Flyvefisken class missile boat.
  12. MTV-3 Isku

    MTV-3 Isku

    Finnish WWII torpedo boat MTV-3 Isku, not very succesful one.
  13. Armatolos


    Greek Navy - patrol boat Armatolos.
  14. Tuima class

    Tuima class

    Finnish Defence Forces - Navy - Tuima class minelayer boat.
  15. Helsinki


    Finnish Defence Forces - Navy - Helsinki - Helsinki class missile boat.
  16. Stealth Boat

    Stealth Boat

    My brother-in-law spotted this on trial last year on the Clyde. Apparently stealth technology for the Royal Navy.
  17. USS Taurus

    USS Taurus

    USS Taurus on hydrofoils
  18. Geier


    German Navy - fast patrol boat Geier
  19. Hamina


    Finnish Defence Forces - Navy - Hamina - Hamina class missile boat
  20. Guard Boat

    Guard Boat

    Continuation War. Finnish navys guard boat on duty. On boats bow is 20mm machine gun