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  1. Avro Lancaster

    Avro Lancaster

    A colourised photo of Avro Lancaster aircraft under construction at the A V Roe & Co Ltd factory at Woodford in Cheshire, 1943
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    Photos Avro Lancaster with homemade Tallboy 1/72

    Greetings, Hope everyone is in good spirit and doing well. I had this Avro Lancaster 1/72 Revell kits but without the decals, I brought it from yard sales so no decals, however, I got a Matchbox decal but sadly it just cracked away. I was on the verge of giving up the model and started...
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    use the link in the description to see the video folks. look out more to come
  4. Avro Lancaster Bomber

    Avro Lancaster Bomber

    A selection of one of the most iconic WWII bombers, also see the link provided of my visit to the Battle of Britain Memorial flight museum.
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  9. Lancaster Bomber Formation WW2

    Lancaster Bomber Formation WW2

  10. Lancaster Bomber S for Sugar

    Lancaster Bomber S for Sugar

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  12. Bombardier

    Article Loss Of Lancaster Bomber Ee119 Mg-n

    Lancaster III EE119 MG-N 7 Squadron RAF. Operation: Berlin. Take off 16.48hrs from Oakington. (Jun 14, 1946) "...On the files of Polizeimeister Rehberg the following attached report was found (Un-translated). Translated extracts from his statements as follows: At 19.10 on 22/11/1943 (German...
  13. Avro Lancaster crew briefing

    Avro Lancaster crew briefing

    Avro Lancaster pre mission briefing
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  17. Avro Lancaster Bomber

    Avro Lancaster Bomber

  18. Avro Lancaster

    Avro Lancaster

    The clock of life is wound but once Live, love and work with will for tomorrow those hands may be still
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    Malcolm SIMPSON

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    Malcolm SIMPSON.