Winston Churchill


Winston Churchill

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Winston Churchill the well known and steadfast prime minister of World War 2 was a strong leader, dedicated to Britain and total victory over Germany, he would not allow any thoughts of surrender.

Entering into parliament aged 25 he was to spend over 50 years at the center of political power. At the outbreak of the First World War, he was the First lord of the Admiralty. 1911 to 1915 where he had civil power over the most powerful navy in the world. After this, he was made secretary for war and Air where he directed the sending of troops to help White Russians fight the Bolsheviks in the civil war.

On May 10, 1940, Churchill became prime minister after Neville Chamberlain resigned
This would be the start of five hard years starting only two weeks after he took over.
In 1945, Churchill was defeated in the General Election by Clement Attlee leader of the labour party.
Only to be relected in 1951 he was now aged 77 and would spend another 4 years at number 10.
He was knighted in 1953 in to the Order of the Garter on retiring he could have had any title he want but he remained a commoner and lived the rest of his life in his country home, Chatwell, were he past away in 1965 Winston Churchill will always be one of the biggest names in British history

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