U-2 (Po-2)


U-2 (Po-2)

The first airplane U-2 was constructed by Polikarpov's design office in the former USSR in 1927. It wasn't a successful model. Testing of the second model of U-2 in 1928 showed perfect fly characteristic. After that Soviet industry long use in agriculture for lond cultivation from the air. People called U-2 "cucuruznik". During the World War 2 U-2 was used as night bomber and other tasks. After Polikarpov's death in 1944 U-2 was called by his name - PO-2. After the war it continued to work for the Soviet agriculture. Symbol under pilot cabin is polish. This plane was used by Polish Air Force in USRR.
This airplane is in colection "Muzeum Oreza Polskiego" in Kolobrzeg

This is mine old postcard. When I was a little boy I was in Museum Oreza Polskiego in Kolobrzeg and I bought all series this postcard. I have other postcard this same plane but isn't very interesting.

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