Type 98 Chinese Army

The Type 98 was first introduced to the public during the parade on 1 October 1999, marking the 50th Anniverary of the founding of the People's Republic China. While initially confused as the Type 96, further study revealed that the 18 tanks on display during the parade were in fact a member of the Type 80 family of Chinese Main Battle Tanks.

Since it was first seen during the rehearsals for the massive 50th Anniversary parade held in Beijing on October 1, 1999, observers tried to piece together the small bits of availableinformation concerning the Type 98. Photographs and video footage from the parade confirmed that the tank is armed with a 125mm smoothbore main gun, but very little was known about the ammunition it fires.

The Type 98 program was believed to have begun sometime in the early 1990s as the Chinese explored design changes to the Type 90-II. The Type 98, also known as by the industrial designation WZ-123, was based on the Russian T-72 and even features a hull design similar to the Russian tank. However, the vehicle incorporated a variety of design changes and an angular turret design more reminiscent of Western tank types.

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