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d/d 08/10/1991, w/o 15/05/1997 when the aircraft suffered an engine fire possibly due to catastrophic failure of part of the Secondary Power System when 500 miles north of the Ascension Islands during a transit flight from Mount Pleasant in the Falkland Islands to Coningsby. The pilot made an emergency landing back at Ascension and damage to the aircraft was assessed as CAT 3. It was airlifted to Cardiff by Heavylift Belfast G-BEPS (formerly XR368) arriving there on 20th July and was then transferred by road to St Athan for inspection. Later re-assessed as CAT 5 and the rear fuselage was mated to ZE163 during mid 1999. This aircraft suffered CAT 3 structural damage on the ground at Coningsby during early 1997 when the wings were swept back whilst the flaps were extended, to Leeming 10/11/2009 for spares recovery and scrapped on 04/01/2010
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