Panzer Commander Briefing


Panzer Commander Briefing

A Panzer commander briefs his crews on the best place to hit a Russian T34 tank

I posted this photo mainly because I was interested in the Patches on the tank commanders arm, I believe they are for single handed tank destruction but would like more information if possible.

I will keep digging around and if I find any useful information I will post it here
After being wounded for the fourth time 1st Lt. Gerhard Konopka (1911-1997), Großdeutschland division's most notorious tank buster, teaches the weak spots of Soviet tanks at an NCO seminar at Camp Ochtyrka/north-eastern Ukraine, spring 1943.
The later Major was awarded the Knight's Cross, Close Combat Clasp in Gold, Wounded Badge in Gold (nine times wounded), four Tank Destruction Badges, German Cross in Gold, EK1 (Iron Cross 1st class), EK2 (Iron Cross 2nd class) and the Infantry Assault Badge.

NB: The Close Combat clasp in gold was awarded for involvement in 50+ close combat battles and was held by the fighting forces in higher regard than the Knight's Cross

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