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This was taken in III CTZ in September 1968 somewhere near Cu Chi. I was no longer a "cherry" but I had only been in Vietnam, with my unit for a couple of weeks.

Did everyone have to carry link? Also what grenade is that (if it is) slung on your waist? Good pic too!!
This photo is of Bill Farnie who we havent seen around here for some time, it would seem during the changeover that bills account was lost and has been allocated to our fictional member @Ghost-Member
of course if Bill returns it will be reallocated to him
Smoke grenades were used to help the FAC direct fast movers. For example, if you were closely engaged, the FAC would say something like "pop yellow smoke". Seeing that, he could then fire a willie pete rocket to direct where napalm or other ordnance would impact - not too closely!

Concerns of a n00b... I drew bunker watch my 1st night at Cam Lo. For reasons I no longer recall, artillery at Con Thien fired illumination flares over us. After the flare separated from the tube it had been contained in, the tube tumbled making an odd sound like you make when you blow over the mouth of a beer bottle.

Being extremely nervous anyway, I was convinced when the tube hit the ground there would be a horrendous explosion. Of course, there was not - just bright light from the big parachute flares.

Fortunately, I had the sense to not express my concerns to the other guy in my bunker.

Second tour, I made an effort to not mock the n00bs too badly.

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