The Model 24 is well-known as the standard hand grenade of the armed forces of the Wehrmacht during the Second World War. As military industry and frontline strategy erupted into what can only be described as the birth of modern warfare, the common soldier adapted to the newly changed field of battle. German soldiers would arrange them directly in front, making access easy and quick. However, towards the later years of the war it was often advised to carry them in a different manner, as it was very likely any sort of explosion or heat could light the fuse from the grenade on the belt, thus causing unnecessary casualties- something that Nazi Germany could not afford.

The Model 24 Stielhandgranate was stored in specially designed crates during transport, which could carry up to 15 individual grenades. In ideal situations, units of the Wehrmacht were advised to only insert the actual fuse assemblies when about to go into combat for safety precautions. Later in the war, however, many soldiers of the Wehrmacht would always have their weapons ready, due to the fierceness seen in the Soviet Red Army in the east, as well as the progressive advance of the Allies on the Western Front. During production, a reminder was stenciled on each explosive charge: Vor Gebrauch Sprengkapsel einsetzen ("Before use insert detonator").

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