FAF Fokker C.XII

Winter War. Dutch Fokker C.XII fighter. Best fighter in Finnish Air Forces during Winter War with about 120 air victories. In late 1930s Finland bought 7 plane from Holland and just few months before Winter War, 35 was made in Finland

Swastika had been used in Finnish Air Force from the beginning (1918) and had nothing to do with Nazis. But for obvious reasons were not used after WWII.
True, it's Fokker D XXI, sorry. But as i said blue swastika had nothing to do with nazis, since Finnish Air Force got those symbols from the beginning in 1918. (How many nazis were back then?) Soviet Union was old enemy of Finland from Winter War 1939-40 in which war we lost our territories to Soviets. In Continuation War 1941-44 Finland tried to take back its territories and allied with Germany in order to get help to do that and on later part of the war help was needed in order to defence our land. (which was succesful) Continuation War didn't began before Soviet bomber raids on Finnish cities. Finnish Army stopped its advance soon after reaching old borders and when Germans asked Finns to advance to their positions on southeast of Leningrad, Finns refused and Leningrad was not totally sieged.
No harm done joost :) . I like discussions about wars Finland have fought (and other discussions too). And i try to remember that i'm finn and some issues in our war history i might see differently than outsiders (behind blue and white glasses)

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