Chipping Campden WW2


Chipping Campden WW2

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To the honoured memory of the men who gave their lives in the Second World War 1939-1945

Repton BENNETT. Lance Corporal 13114239, 141 Pioneer Corps. Born 1915 to Joseph and Elizabeth Ann Maria, nee Mitchell of Chipping Campden. Died 28 June 1943aged 28.
At rest in Medjez-El-Bab, War Cemetery, Tunisia.
Wills and Admin, Ancestry -
Repton Bennett of Sheep Street, Chipping Chipping Campden died on date stated. His effects went to Joseph Bennett, bricklayer.

Victor Charles BRUNDLE. Rifleman 7017973, 7/1st The London Rifle Brigade. Born 8 January 1916, baptised 26 January 1916 at Millwall, Tower Hamlets, London to Richard Charles and Annie of Chipping Campden. Husband of Alice M Johnson of Chipping Campden. They were married in Greenwich, London 1940. Died 29 September 1944 aged 28.
At rest in Florence War Cemetery, Italy.

Frederick (Fred) CROSS. Private 5249458, 1st Worcestershire Regiment. Born 1911 to Thomas and Ellen Cross. 1911 aged 9 months residing with his parents and siblings at Sheep Street, Chipping Campden. Husband of Alice Mary Cross, nee Green of Broadway, Worcestershire. Died 16 August 1944 aged 33.
At rest in Banneville-La-Campagne War Cemetery, Calvados, France
Also commemorated on the Worcester War Memorial.
His father served in the Great War as Private 54165, Somerset Light Infantry. Enlisted 25 May 1918, discharged 30 May 1919 and died in 1922 aged 50 At the time of his enlistment he was residing with his wife and six children at 37 Chapel Lane, Lincoln.

Gordon FREEMAN. Trooper 4798980, Lifeguards. Born 15 December 1909 at Biddestone, Wiltshire to Charles and Annie Freeman, nee Gough. 1911 residing with his parents and siblings at 4 Wesley Cottages, Grantham Street, Lincoln. Husband of Fonda Mary of Torquay, Devon who he married 1936 in Newtown Abbot. She remarried in 1958 in Newtown Abott to Albert Riding. Died 24 September 1941 aged 31.
At rest in Tehran War Cemetery, Iran.
His father served in the Great War as Private 9480, 3rd Lincolnshire Regiment. Enlisted 2 November 1914 aged 43 years and 310 days, occupation, general labourer. He had previously served with the 2nd East Lincolnshire Regiment. Discharged after 12 years’ service. Then 1 year with the Royal Reserve Regiment 1900-1901. He was discharged 26 January 1915 aged 44 years and 4 days not likely to become an efficient soldier. His disability was Pulmonary tuberculosis

John Ceolfrid GRIGGS. Lieutenant, 255808, 2nd North Staffs Regiment. Born 1922 at Shipston on Stour, Worcestershire to Frederick Landseer Maurice and Nina Blanche Mary Griggs nee Muir of Red Gables, Boars Hill, Oxford. Died 30 May 1944 aged 22.
At rest in Beach Head War Cemetery, Italy.
Wills and Admin, Ancestry -
John Ceolfrid Griggs of Red Gables, Boars Hill, Berkshire died on stated stated. His effects went to Henry Taylor Horsfield, managing director.

Joseph Eliot HADLEY. Captain 34141, Royal Warwickshire Regiment. Born 1900 at Old Hill, Staffordshire to Solomon and Martha Hadley, nee Downing. 1901 residing with his parents and brother at Waterfall Lane, Old Hill, Rowley Regis, Staffordshire. 1911 with his parents and siblings at 146 Station Road, Old Hill, Staffordshire. Husband of Edith Annie Woodall Hadley, nee Hughes of Chipping Campden. Died 6 June 1944, aged 44.
At rest in Sangro River War Cemetery, Italy.
Some notes from his arm records -
He joined up aged 18 years and 1 month at Lichfield 9 April 1918 into the Young Soldiers Battalion Notts and Derby Regt as Private 51506. He resided at 146 Station Road, Old Hill, Staffordshire, occupation, schoolteacher. 25 November 1918 appointed as Acting Corporal, whilst employed in the Education Staff at Clipstone. 6 January 1919 he was posted to the dispersal station at Clipstone where on the 3 February 1919 he was posted to the army reserve Class Z.
Wills and Admin, Ancestry -
Joseph Eliot HADLEY of Berrington Cottage, Chipping Campden died on date stated. His effects went to James Francis Hadley, manufacturers representative.

Cyril Victor HARRIS. Bombardier 1472761, 112 Heavy Anti-Aircraft. Regiment, Royal Artillery. Born 1909 to William and Kate Kirby Harris of Chipping Campden, husband of Ann Elizabeth Jane Harris of Chipping Campden. 1911 residing with his parents and siblings at Watery Lane, Chipping Campden. Died 24 March 1945 aged 36.
At rest in Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery, Gelderland, Holland.
Wills and Admin, Ancestry -
Cyril Victor HARRIS of Park Road, Chipping Campden., died on date stated. His effects went to Thomas Charles Hooke, cycle dealer.

Bryan Morris JAMES and Ruth JAMES. Mother and son civilian war deaths. Bryan born 28 January 1938 at the Isle of Wight. Ruth born 1909 wife John James. 1939, the family residing at Braecroft,, Godstone, Surrey. Both died through enemy action 19 November 1940. Ruth was 31, Bryan aged 3 years at their home 26 Knighton Road.
Both at rest in Leicester Cemetery.

Author made contact with a person who has the above family on their tree and confirmed that Bryan is the one who died with his mother Leicester. It appears that this person’s grandfather (William Morgan James) lived in Kent, then moved to Bristol or there abouts. He may have Bryan’s names inscribed on the memorial. No other Bryan James is listed with the CWGC

Donald KEELEY. Sergeant Air Gunner 1381057, 115 Squadron, Royal Air Force. He was part of a crew of 5 in a Lancaster II DS678 Bomber. The plane took of at 1849 on the 24 March 1943 from RAF Witchford destination, Berlin. The plane was shot down by a night fighter from 20000 feet over Leipzig. All the crew perished at the point of impact with the ground and are at rest in the same cemetery, he was aged 22.
At rest in Niederzwehren Cemetery, Kassel.
Originally commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial.
The other crew were -

Pilot Officer Pilot J19862 Leonard Myles McCANN
Sergeant Flight Engineer 1652303 John William BURKE
Sergeant Wireless Op,Air Gunner 1095610 William BOWEY
Sergeant Air Gunner 1851938 Victor John WATSON

Roy KEELEY. Acting Sub Lieutenant, (A) Royal Navy (VR), Fleet Air Arm, 735 Squadron Naval Air Squadron at,HMS Bambara. Born 1925 at Leicester to Lewis John and Nellie Keeley, nee Newbery of Chipping Campden. Died in an air crash 29 July 1945 aged 20. His body was never recovered.
Commemorated on the Lee-on-Solent Memorial, Hampshire.
His father served in the Royal Navy as Junior Wireless Operation J10045. He was born 11 February 1895, enlisted 18 October 1910 as Boy Signaller Class II on HMS Impregnable, occupation haulier. His last ship was HMS King Alfred which he joined 9 December 1911 and left on shore 31 December 1912.
His father then joined the army aged 20 years and 5 months 7 August 1914 and posted into as Private 2123 Warwickshire Yeomanry. He was residing at the time of enlistment at Leamington, occupation chauffeur. (The following is an extract from what remains of his in his army records) He previously served in the Royal Navy as Junior wireless operator on HMS Transport Minswasha!! and he saw service at the Dardenelles but he was discharged on the outbreak of war and joined Warwickshire Yeomanry. 14 September 1914 he was medical discharged from the army due to epilepsy.

Alec Victor KEELEY. Aircraftman 1st Class 953264, Royal Air Force (VR) stationed with 52 Squadron RAF. Born 1921 at Shipston on Stour, Worcestershire to Ernest and Ida Eleanor Keeley, nee Gasside of Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire. Died 1 December 1942 aged 21.
At rest in Mosul War Cemetery, Iraq.

Robert Gerald Victor PARSONS. Leading Aircraftman 923128, 212 Squadron, Royal Air Force (VR). Born 1914 at Registration District of Cricklade, Wiltshire to Simeon John Hannah Culliford Salvidge Parsons,nee Banwell.. Husband of Ethel Mary nee Newman of Chipping Campden. Married 1935 at Stow on Wold, Registration District Gloucestershire. Died 24 August 1943 aged 28.
At rest in Delhi War Cemetery, India.

David Alwyne PEMBERTON DFC. Squadron, Leader (Pilot) 33036, 1st Squadron, Royal Air Force. Born 1912 to Guy [F.R.I.B.A] and Emily Muriel Pemberton, nee Allday of Broadway, Worcestershire. At dawn on 3rd November 1940 Pemberton was flying back from Collyweston to Wittering in Hurricane I P2751. He was killed when he slow-rolled and flew into the ground, he was aged 28.
At rest in St Eadburgha New Churchyard, Broadway
London Gazette dated 1 October 1940 -
Air Ministry. 1st October 1940. ROYAL AIR FORCE.
The KING has been graciously pleased to approve the undermentioned appointment and awards in recognition of gallantry displayed in flying operations against the enemy. Awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross Citation. Squadron Leader David Alwyne PEMBERTON (33036).
This officer has displayed outstanding leadership since the return of his squadron from France. He has led the squadron on almost every operation during which time it has destroyed or. damaged fifty-one enemy aircraft. His qualities of leadership and personal example have' contributed largely to these successes.
Wills and Admin, Ancestry -
David Alwyne PEMBERTON of 42 Leicester Lane, Leamington Spa. Died 3 November 1940 at Wittering, Northamptonshire. His effects went to his sister Emily Muriel Pemberton, single woman
Cause of death credited to

Norman Henry POWEL. Sergeant 1396063, 295 Squadron, Royal Air Force (VR). Born 1918 to Harry and Catherine Mabel Powell, nee Bennett of Westington, Chipping Campden. 28 April 1944 he was part crew of five in aircraft Armstrong Whitworth Albemarle V1613 when the plane was in mid-air collision with another Albemarle V1770 near RAF Welford during night supply dropping exercise. The aircraft crashed and was beyond repair, the crew perished. Sergeant Powel was aged 26.
At rest in St James Churchyard, Chipping Norton, Gloucestershire.

William Anthony Binger TEMPLE. Lieutenant 130115, 7th Parachute Regiment, Army Air Corps. Born 1914 in British Columbia, Canada to Anthony and Gwendoline Marion Temple, nee Binger. Resided at Upton Wold, near Chipping Campden Gloucestershire. Husband of Patricia Murial Temple, nee Britton of Woodcote, Reading. Died of his wounds at St Mary’s Hospital, Portsmouth 19 June 1944 aged 29.
His effects went to his widow and John Corbett Hiatt, farmer.
At rest in SS Peter and Paul Churchyard, Checkendon, Oxfordshire.

Ronald William TROLLOPE. Bombardier 1468503, 98th Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery. Born 26 May 1914, baptised 2 August 1915 at Horningsham, Wiltshire to William John and Amy Trollope, nee Humphries of Lower Barn Cottages, Horningsham. Father’s occupation, groom, gardener. His father served at Private 24145 Wiltshire Regiment in the Great War. Husband of Elsie Florence Trollope of Swindon, Wiltshire. Died at Abergele Military Hospital, Denbighshire 11 April 1943 aged 28.
At rest in Whitworth Road, Cemetery, Swindon, Wiltshire
Wills and Admin, Ancestry -
Ronald William TROLLOPE of Rye Hill Cottages, Longbridge Deverill, Wiltshire on date and place stated. His effects went to his widow.

Alexander Melville WILSON. Lieutenant 203919 Gordon Highlander attached to 1st Special Air Service Regiment, Born 1921 in Aberdeen to Walter B.A. (Edin.). and Helen Elder Wilson, nee Stalker. His father died by his own hands at Malthouse, Broad Campden, he was aged 50. Alexander was killed in action 6 October 1943 aged 22.
Commemorated on the Cassino Memorial, Italy
Wills and Admin, Ancestry -
Alexander Melville WILSON of Old Dovers House, Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire died 6 October 1943 on war service. Probate Llandudno 22 May 1944 to Herbert Pinkney Cresswell, otherwise Herbert Cresswell, no occupation.
Supplement to London Gazette dated 19 September 1941 -
Infantry. The undermentioned Cadets to be 2nd Lts.,6th. Sept. 1941. North Staffordshire Regiment. Alexander Melville Wilson (203919) plus six others.
Supplement to London Gazette dated 38 November 1941. Gordons. 2nd Lt. A. M. Wilson (203919), from North Stafford Regiment t to be 2nd Lt. 3rd Dec. 1941, retaining his present seniority

John Francis WILSON. Sub-Lieutenant (A) Royal Naval (VR), 830 Squadron, Fleet Air Arm based on Shore Base H.M.S. St Angelo. Malta
Born 1919 at Aberdeen Scotland to Walter B.A. (Edin.) and Helen Elder Wilson, nee Stalker of The Malt House, Broad Campden, nr Chipping Campden.
Missing on air operation, presumed killed along with Lieutenant John Roland Ogilvy Stevenson 30 January 1942 aged 23.
Commemorated on the Lee-on-Solent Memorial, Hampshire.
Wills and Admin, Ancestry -
John Francis WILSON of The Malt House, Broad Campden, nr Chipping Campden Gloucestershire died on dated stated. His effects went to his widowed mother.

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To Commemorated the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II

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