At first glance I thought this was a US service women but.....

This is a woman of the 'Women’s Auxiliary Service of the Polish Army' in the Middle East.

The service was composed of women and girls who were imprisoned in the Soviet Gulag after the German-Soviet Invasion of Poland, and were released after signing of the Polish-Soviet Sikorski-Mayski Agreement in 1941.

Practically all of them have tragic stories to tell of privation and suffering. Many of them have lost touch with their families. The tragic side of their lives is not in evidence the picture.

Free once more to help the Allied struggle against Nazism they go about their work with gusto and break into song at the slightest provocation off parade. Some of them were fortunate enough to be able to bring their families with them. Photographs were very likely taken in the Polish Women’s Auxiliary Service training camp at Rehoboth, Palestine, c. 1942.

Image via IWM.

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